Cinema Room Case Study: Southgate, February 2020

Home Entertainment Direct recently completed a home cinema room for customer during their house renovation in Southgate, London. Some details of the project are given below:
This stunning installation was designed and completed on a modest budget and included the following key components supplied and installed by Home Entertainment Direct:
A projection system with 5.1 surround sound field:
8ft Grandview Cyber Series Fixed Frame Acoustic Cinema screen
Monitor Audio in-wall W380-IDC speakers x3 front LCR
Monitor audio in-ceiling C265 speakers x2 rear surround
Monitor audio MRW10 sub-woofer
Optoma UHD65 4K home cinema Projector
Onkyo TX-NR696 AV receiver
12M Lightspeed Fibre Optic HDMI cable

The room dimensions were 4m wide x 6M long, previously used as playroom/office beside entrance hall.  All walls and ceiling had been stripped back to beams/brick to allow cabling, electrics and soundproofing and new plasterboard to be installed.
A soft dark fabric velvet wall covering was used for all walls, with thick dark carpet and black painted ceiling to improve acoustics and image quality.
A double skin layer of acoustic plasterboard was installed on ceiling and new cavity walls, filled with fibrous insulation to provide excellent containment of sound and reduce transmission to rooms above and beside cinema room.
The whole system was Linked up to a sky Q mini box, Apple TV, an Amazon Fire stick, Youtube and Xbox 360 Games Console.

The Grandview screen was chosen for excellent image properties and luxury appearance with matching black velvet surround frame.  An 'acoustic' screen material was used to allow the front speakers to be mounted and hidden away directly behind screen without affecting sound quality.

An Optoma UHD65 Laser Projector was specified for its image quality, long lifespan, brightness and a throw ratio over 2.1 which allowed more discreet installation position at far end of room.

Monitor audio in-wall and in-ceiling speakers were chosen for a premium quality and cost effective sound option.  The front in-wall W380-IDC models include 3 way speaker design large 8" drivers to improve bass response.  The in-ceiling rear surrounds have pivoting tweeters to allow precise direction of sound field towards listener.

For design and installation options for your very own cinema room please contact us at Home Entertainment Direct or call Gavin on 07961801488