Home Cinema Room Case Study: Ware, Herts, October 2019

Case study for home cinema room completed by Home Entertainment Direct in October 2019.
This project started out as a complete room renovation of an awkward space with a high vaulted ceiling at the front,  a window in the position of the desired screen location, a central supporting obtrusive ceiling beam and a rectangular seated space behind.  Overall room dimensions were approx 3m wide by 9m long.
An 9.2 (7.2.2) dolby atmos surround sound system was specified along with a Grandview Cinema screen and an Optoma UHD65 ceiling mounted Projector.
A 9ft (2.5M wide) fixed frame acoustic screen was chosen as the maximum size that would fit the width of room.  An acoustic material had to be chosen to allow speakers to be placed behind screen as there not enough space to place either side.  Placement of speakers behind screen also allow optimal positioning and sound separation of left, right and centre audio channels.
A new stud wall was built to house the in-wall speakers and block out the window.
Monitor audio W380-IDC speakers were chosen at the front, along with two Monitor Audio custom CW10 sub-woofers.  Monitor audio C180 in-ceiling speakers were used for overhead sound effects and 4 wall mounted Monitor Audio Bronze FX dipole speakers employed for left/right and rear surround sound.
The right side recessed section of room was used to house a small 15U Sanus AV rack for home cinema equipment.
A specialist ceiling projector mount with 300mm extension pole was used to site projector lens below ceiling beam.
Finally a 9M Lightspeed fibre optic HDMI cable was used to connect projector to AV equipment on the rack.  A fibre optic hybrid cable was chosen to provide a reliable and guaranteed transmission of 4K image over a long distance.